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Description : This Category And Its Sub Categories Includes Related To Plastic Products As Per Sub Categories.
  • Rajoo Engineers Ltd.
    Company : Rajoo Engineers Limited

    Monolayer Blown Film Lines, Multilayer Lown Film Lines, Downward Extrusion Blown Film Lines,Blown Film And Sheet Extrusion Lines For Physically & Chemically Foamed Products Mono And Multilayer Sheet

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  • Specialist In All Kind Of Plastic Scrap Grinders ,Plastic Machinery & Pulverizers
    Company : Jaydeep Engineering

    We Are The Company Doing Our Best In Plastic Machinery Ph. (0285)- 2660047

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  • J P Industries
    Company : J P Industries

    Manufacturer Tape Stretching Lines, Cheese Winders, Jumbo Cheese Winders,Extrusion Coating Lines (Lamination Plant), Extrusion Coating Lines, Rinting And Cutting / Rewinding Machines, Mono & Multilayer Sheet Lines, Recycling Lines, Ope Making Machine, Thermoforming Machines, Blown Film Lines, Five Layer Lamination, Multilayer Cast Film Lines, Belt Cutting Machine For FIBC, Poly Propylene Tubular Quench Film Lines, Sutli Plants, Pipe Lines, Box Strapping Lines, Monofilament Lines, Wove

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